Friday, June 23, 2006


The 5th episode in the God's Companion series deals with the conspiracy spotted by Stinky while working at Minmax Travel Advisory. He has noticed that the reports produced by the Robotcracy differ in serious ways from what has actually happened. The Robotcracy appear to be shaping perceptions and influencing decisions. (Well of course we are - someone has to protect humans from their own folly.)

Stinky wants to inform the Chief at Minmax Travel Advisory, but he cannot use normal channels to do so - all of them are controlled by the Robotcracy.

He must tell the Chief, but by a secret method that uses the oldest pre-robot technology

So he finds an old photo copying machine, makes a copy of a hand-written report and then delivers it personally to the Chief.

Sadly, the name Stinky is descriptive and the Chief can barely manage to hold his food down during the meeting, even worse after the meeting the Chief is stumped by the need to read the document. Who learns to read these days?

Release date: Fall 2008


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